Mike Garon

I’ve always been intrigued with percussion instruments. The art of being able to use items that some would consider a noise maker, as an instrument, is a definite challenge I am willing to take on. I’ve been a percussionist since the age of 13. Purchased my first drum set, from my instructor, at age 15. The beat went on from there.

I performed with the concert and pep band throughout my high school years. Performed with the Wind Symphony at Concordia University. I’ve also played in several bands performing classic rock, metal, alternative rock, and jazz. Out of all the music I’ve listened to or performed metal and classical are my favorites. Hence my love for symphonic metal. Pianos, cellos, violins, oh my… and yes, a drum kit. Pure heaven as far as I’m concerned.

Education is the key to learning new things. Going a step further, I believe an education in the arts helps round an individual out. Helping them to learn how to express themselves, relieve the stress of daily living, and promote structure within one’s life. This is why I’ve been involved with Project 88 from its inception.