David A. Powers

Volunteer, Writer

David A. Powers is a jazz pianist, composer, and writer based in Detroit. Born in Zaragoza, Spain, Powers grew up in Michigan, where he spent much of his youth in the band room, learning to play jazz saxophone and piano. After playing his first jazz piano gig at age 15, he went on to study classical composition and piano under the late C. Curtis-Smith at Western Michigan University. 

As a professional pianist, he has performed in a diverse range of settings, including the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival, Seabourn Cruise Line, the Hyde Park School of Ballet, and the Columbia College School of Dance.

Alongside his involvement in classical and jazz, Powers has been active as a performer and producer in the underground techno scene, and since 1999 has recorded music for labels including Hej, Klectik, Akbal Music, Fresh Meat Records, and Cryovac Recordings. 

Alongside his activities as a musician and writer, he is currently working to earn a Masters of Arts in philosophy.